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• Is this free self-assessment going to provide me with value?

Yes, this is an assessment that is serious about helping people confirm their abilities, uncover opportunities for development, and provides tangible information to take action – all for free. It is based upon the same proprietary assessment we have used with thousands of leaders in companies around the world to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth.

• What is the Top 10 Me assessment based on?

The Top 10 Me assessment is based on our proprietary 360 assessment that has been used by companies and leaders around the world for over 20 years to identify strengths and opportunities for development. The Top 10 Me assessment is a shorter version of the original assessment and utilizes 20 of the 28 competencies from the original assessment. The 20 competencies were chosen based upon the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Top 10 Me Users vs those of senior executives.

• How long does it take to complete the self-assessment?

The assessment consists of ordering 20 items and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

• What will I learn from my free report?

You will have a better understanding of your skills, so that you can make smart decisions about where you should invest your resources to improve yourself. Your report will confirm your strengths and opportunities for growth. Your report will also include a bonus "hidden" strength and bonus "hidden" opportunity that is based on an analysis of your skills in comparison to over 10,000 leaders in our database.

In addition to your report, you will be provided with an overview of each of your skills and actions you can take to develop both your strengths and opportunities so that you can begin to invest in you.

• Is this self-assessment really free?

Yes, the self-assessment is free. You do not need to purchase this self-assessment. You get an overview of your results and free resources. If you want, for a small fee, you can invite others to provide their insight to you on the same skills you rated yourself.

• Why should I request insight from others?

Inviting others to provide their insight is an invaluable opportunity to truly understand yourself, your skills, and where you can take action to create a better life and achieve your goals.

• Why should I request insight from Family, Social, and my professional networks.

To provide a complete and holistic picture, we suggest you invite the people throughout your life to share their insight.

• How many people should I request insight from?

Ideally, requesting insight from at least 3 people in each group will garner the best results for feedback about yourself, skills, and action learning goals.

• Is my information confidential?

Yes, your information is confidential. We will never share or sell your information to a third party. We will never share or sell contact information you provide to invite others to share their insight about you as a Top 10 Me user.

• Are responses from other people confidential?

Responses from the people you invite are confidential. We do not ask for names, email addresses, or any information that would identify someone you have invited to share their insight. When a person visits your assessment page, they are only asked to identify themselves based upon their relationship to you - professional, social, or family. That said, if you invite one person from each category you will of course be able to identify that person.

• What is included in the premium membership?

Premium membership includes access to comprehensive resources, guides, access to a learning community, and access to expert leadership coaching. Expert leadership coaching is available as needed and for additional fees.

• Why is leadership coaching separate from the membership fee?

We intentionally separated the fees for coaching so that membership and the opportunity to access this level of resources would be accessible at a lower price. To compare, similar corporate coaching programs can cost thousands of dollars.

• How do the E-Coaching guides work?

The e-coaching guides are modeled based on the process that great leadership coaches follow to guide a person from the basic stages of learning a new behavior to becoming competent and confident in using that behavior. Every guide follows a methodology of guiding the user to read about a behavior, apply that behavior and practice, and reflecting on their learning to identify growth and opportunities for improvement.

• What are the qualifications of my coach?

All Top 10 Me coaches are experienced leadership coaches who have demonstrated their abilities as leadership coaching experts and have been vetted by us to ensure they operate to our standards and expectations. Our coaches have been trained in our coaching methodology and selected based upon a combination of factors, including years in a leadership role, years as a leadership coach, or certification as a leadership coach.

• What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel your membership within 30 days of joining, we will refund you 100% of your first month’s membership fee.

• What is your coach meeting cancellation policy?

Our coaches have busy schedules, so we ask that you cancel your coaching sessions at least 24-hours in advance to receive a credit towards a future meeting with any coach. We realize that life happens, so If you cannot help but cancel within the 24-hour window it will be up to the specific coach to grant you a credit for a future meeting with the same coach.

• What is your technical support policy

We will do our best to respond to issues within 24-hours and on average respond within 6-hours depending upon your location and day / time the request was made.