Who are we and why Top 10 Me?

Own Your Success

Top 10 Me provides the tools, knowledge, and services to own your personal and professional success.

Everyone should have access to the same resources used by the most successful company leaders. These resources have helped leaders uncover blind spots, identify the most important skills they need to develop, and help them learn and master new skills. Now the best methods for achieving success, growth, and victory at every performance review are available to you!


Gallup estimates 49% of employees are not “engaged” on the job, but research over the last 60 years shows that over 70% of the population would still work even if they won the lottery. So why do so many people want to work, but are not engaged with the work they are doing at the moment?

The disconnect between low job satisfaction and the desire to work is due to the feeling that our time and energy is spent fulfilling the goals and dreams of others.

More than ever before, people need resources that will give them the tools to take control of their job, success, and discover what’s in it for them. With Top 10 Me you can thrive and achieve your career and success goals!

As a company we believe

Work is there for you to maximize opportunities provided by your job and employer.

Make your job work for you. Ask what’s in it for you? What are the opportunities in your current job you are not taking advantage of that will make you more marketable? What knowledge, skills, and training do you need to be more effective and maximize your opportunities?

You should give 100% and take 100%

Give 100% / Take 100%. Work/life balance has morphed into work/life integration. Every person needs to identify their own boundaries for how, when, and where work gets done. Part of this new reality is defining your balance between what you take from your job (i.e., compensation, networking, learning, etc.) and what you want to give back (i.e., knowledge, new ideas, coaching others, etc.). We see this equation as giving 100% and taking 100% from your job to strike a fair balance.

People thrive with feedback

Your bonus, promotion, and other future job opportunities depend on performance review success. You have the right to receive feedback on a regular basis; not just during performance reviews. Take the initiative to ask for feedback, otherwise it may never happen.

Work should be fulfilling

Your work does not have to be an unrewarding chore you wake up to every day. If you dread going to work, you can change that. Take a moment to stop and think about what your role is in this situation. What do you need to do differently? Do you need to change your attitude about work, your behaviors at work, or invest in developing yourself to get a new job? What will get you out of bed every morning with a smile?

Your legacy should be intentional

Whether you know it, you have been leaving a legacy at every place you’ve worked. Whether that legacy is intentional or inspiring is another issue. Why leave it to chance? Take a look at your current job, relationships, and projects; what positive impact can you leave behind that will make you feel good and make a difference?

Our Founders

Founded by Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell.  We have been in the field of leadership development since 1998 and written 4 books on the topics of professional development. We have devoted our professional lives to helping others make the most of their careers and empowering personal and professional growth.  Our efforts have achieved results including Thuy having been identified as the top-rated coach in two of the five technology giants in the US. We know the transformation that occurs when leaders affirm their abilities, uncover what is holding them back, and take action to achieve greater success.

Over the last decade we and our coaches that work as a part of our company SkylineG, have helped leaders in hundreds of companies uncover opportunities to become even more effective, and work with them through 1:1 coaching to enable lasting improvement.  We have refined our best practices used with leaders from around the world to create Top 10 Me because everyone should have the same opportunity to own their success.

Our founders Have Been Featured In

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